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Our whole ethos is about conservation, we re-use everything we can, as you can see from our passion for antique furniture.
We partner with Vukusebenza, the local shelter, who collect all our plastics, bottles, boxes, etc. and they recycle everything, and with this make enough money to feed up to 200 people a day! All our appropriate food waste is given to the Animal Shelter.

WATER SAVING – every drop counts, we try where possible to harvest rain and grey water. While in residence, please help us by reusing your towels, unless you need clean towels.

POWER SAVING – We have implemented an inverter and solar panel solution at the hotel, which currently saves 15% of our power. We are working towards expanding this as well as a grey water and rain capture solution to the houses.

PLASTICS – Where possible we reuse plastics and / or recycle plastics.

AMENITIES – You will notice rather than sachets we use refillable bottles.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to help us…