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Escape to yesteryear in the candlelit red dining room with silver candlesticks and an elegance of a bygone era.

Our love for authentic recipes and sitting in the candlelight round the kitchen table is how we grew up from watching our mother and grandmother cook and entertain as they had watched theirs in turn. We grew up on farms where the norm was to work the animals and to use all the bits and pieces, nose to tail.   This love of Karoo food and what we know has been transferred to our guests through our local ingredients, our recipes, our cooking, and our menus.

In a world where you can get almost anything anywhere we have learnt that travellers (local and international) want to taste the food of the region, they want to meet the people involved and they want to hear the stories. The family and our staff are all local people who love local food and know the legends, the unique ingredients, the quirky anecdotes. Because ours is a small establishment in a small town we love to talk to our guests and share the flavour of life here.

We also love being part of our community and celebrating special milestones be it weddings, a birthday party or a baby shower.  We are grateful to the community that we are part of their lives.  Our accommodation and restaurant is also ideal for families from further afield to get together for family reunions, birthday parties etc. 

We believe that Food Skills are life skills and food festivals and occasions are also great for building a community. That is why we have a reciprocal relationship with the Hantam Cooking School http://hantam-trust.org.za/ where we send prospective young chefs to be trained at the Cooking School and they come back to us to hone their skills.

Karoo Food is the inspiration and the reason we started the Karoo Food Festival. https://www.facebook.com/KarooFoodFestival/

Book your special event with us; we will carefully curate the celebration with you, be it for High Teas and teas as pretty as a picture and twice as nice. Think Girlie parties and Gin Bars…

Cook with us… ask about our cooking classes.

Pick the gifts from our gardens – you are welcome to help yourself!

Summer – figs, pomegranate, grapes, quince, wild pear, apricots

Winter – oranges, lemons

Year round – herbs and medicinal plants

We accommodate most dietary requirements, such as vegetarian needs, with ingredients that are readily available. Remember to tell us about your allergies.