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Stay somewhere where you know you have made a difference, somewhere that is not just accommodation, somewhere where the little things in life and experiences matter. Stay with us.

We are passionate about our world and what we do – hospitality, our staff, the environment, Cradock, our community, tourism, our heritage and taking care of the personal touches that will make you feel at home.

If travel with a heart matters to you these are the COMMUNITY projects we love and contribute to, if you are interested to get involved, either with time, donations or expertise, please email Lisa to enquire lisa@tuishuise.co.za

Animal Shelter – all food waste donated to animal shelter https://www.facebook.com/cdk.animalshelter/

Hantam cooking School – https://hantam-trust.org.za/youth-development/

Karoo Food Festival https://truekarootrading.co.za/event/karoo-food-festival/


Vukusebenza Shelter – all recycled materials donated to Vukusebenza (awaken work) http://unogwaja.com/the-light-fund/vukasebenze

Cradock Community Forum https://www.sapeople.com/2019/09/10/cradock-community-cleans-up-making-town-a-better-place-for-everyone/

Karoo Food Festival https://truekarootrading.co.za/event/karoo-food-festival/


Reading Eggs – literacy project for early readers – accommodation sponsor https://readingeggs.co.za/

Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival in conjunction with NELM and AVBOB https://karoowritersfestival.weebly.com/