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Our Recipes

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The Karoo food served in the dining room at Victoria Manor has always been authentic and traditional and will continue to be so because this is a family run business and the Karoo kitchen is all we know. Our love for authentic recipes and sitting in the candlelight round the kitchen table is how we grew up. We watched our mother and grandmother cook and entertain as they had watched theirs in turn. The love of Karoo food is in our ‘bones’. My mother and gran grew up in a time when nothing went to waste and the use of everything from nose to tail was not only a necessity but also a source of treats. We grew up on farms were the norm was to work the animals and to use all the bits and pieces, wasting nothing.
This love of Karoo food and what we know has been transferred to our guests through
our local ingredients, or recipes, our cooking, and our menus.

Our favourite family recipes honour the Karoo region and the seasons.   The foods we remember and make with our hand-me-down recipes… for you to enjoy.

Die Tuishuise PampoenPoffers

Enjoy our delicious PampoenPoffer at home…

Die Tuishuise Sweet Potatoes

Enjoy our scrumptious Sweet Patatoes at home…

Die Tuishuise Quinces

Enjoy our delicious Quinces at home…

Die Tuishuise Brandy Pudding

Enjoy our scrumptious Brandy Pudding at home…