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Mountain Zebra Park Cradock South Africa


Cradock is a place of literary legends, war heroes and anti-Apartheid struggle icons. But it is perhaps best known for street level,
 day-to-day, warmth and kindness so typical of much of the Eastern Cape
For nature lovers, Die Tuishuise are a great base from which to explore the unique landscapes, animals and plants of the nearby Mountain Zebra National Park 

Or else ...
buy a windmill from one of the windmill sellers 
visit the Olive Scheiner Museum, home to one of South Africa's most famous authors 
or hike into the veld to see egg rock
visit one of the many coffee shops in town selling bric a brac 
visit a Karoo farm
experience rare San etchings on rocks or fossils of the protomammals that roamed here eons ago
tube or paddle down the Fish river
explore Lingelihle, home to the Famous Cradock Four
go fly fishing 
see the beautiful Moederkerk modelled on St Martins in the Field - London
take a photograph of the largest Quercus Ilex Oaks to be found in the world at the Cradock Club
amble along Bree Street to look at the oldest houses of Cradock established 200 years ago.

Pred-A-Tours is home to a program designed to protect and bring to public awareness the lesser known cats of the Karoo:  the Caracal (South African Lynx), the African Wild Cat (the ancestor of the modern domestic cat), the Small Spotted Cat and the unusual looking Serval.  It is best to go early morning or late afternoon.  Pre-booking essential.

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